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Klotz Communications presents solutions for SMART RADIO

Radio today mines information from multiple platforms including live events, social media, traditional media, internet, and news. Producers need to combine content from these sources rapidly and economically to create targeted content that engages their listeners.

The challenge is to produce innovative content without an increase in overheads and to build a production and communications infrastructure that ties all departments into one creative team.

Klotz Communications has identified this trend and has launched award winning products that address the new requirements of radio. The new product range provides innovative solutions that connect events and teams, control a station's workflow, provide tools to target content, and deliver entertaining, engaging and authentic programs.

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we simplify broadcast.

Our passion is audio-visual content. Audio, video, and broadcasting are connecting people from all over the world and have become the most essential media for the exchange of information.

Our vision is to simplify the operational challenges of broadcasters and to bridge the gap between programming and engineering.

These days radio competes with a multitude of content providers and needs to be engaging to stay relevant. We identify the requirements and future demands of the audio and broadcasting industry and provide ergonomic control devices with intuitive user interfaces, enabling maximum flexibility in content production. Our modern audio platform technology allows the design of high-tech audio networking solutions for the Broadcast, Public Address, and Conference markets.