KLOTZ Digital Conference Systems -
the perfect choice for every conference

Globalization brought lots of new demands to modern conferences like the elimination of language barriers. Nowadays, even small company meetings often have to over-come language barriers and use professional simultaneous translation services. Apart from that there are also large international summits with attendees from all around the world and where important topics have to be discussed, translated and agreed about under high pressure of time.


KLOTZ digital conference systems do not only offer solutions for small and cleary arranged meetings, but also for large and most complex conferences with combining PC software management, discussion, interpretation and voting within the same system. All products developed and manufactured by the brand KLOTZ offer state-of-the-art features and highest system reliability in a stylish and elegant enclosure.

All components are carefully selected and tested to assure the KLOTZ characteristic long-living and future-oriented designs. Therefore KLOTZ is the perfect partner for any conference, which is confirmed every day by perfectly satisfied customers from all over the world.