DABS Digital Audio Backbone System

DABS Overview Technical Data


DABS is a fiber optic audio transmission system targeting live-music applications available for an extremely competitive budget. High quality analogue inputs with high resolution and adjustable input headroom can be controlled manually on stage. Analogue outputs can be connected to any mixing console regardless if consoles have analogue or digital signal processing. Fully synchronous fiber optic transmission guarantees for lowest hence simultaneous latency for all audio channels.

DABS can transmit up to 64 channels in both directions and each input can be distributed to 3 parallel outputs which are galvanic separated of each other due to fiber-optic connections.

DABS does not require any programming and is a real plug-and-play system.

DABS has been developed by KLOTZ Digonomics for KLOTZ A.I.S. GmbH and is manufactured and distributed by KLOTZ Comunications GmbH only.


DABS Overview

  • 64 analogue inputs to up to 3 x 64 analogue outputs and 64 analogue return channels per fiber optic cable
  • Fiber optic cable length up to 2,000 meters
  • Full galvanic separation between stage, FOH and REC (no ground loops possible)
  • Low and fully synchronous latency on all audio channels
  • No system programming necessary
  • Pre-amp adjustment on stage

    Technical Data

    Audio resolution 24 Bit
    Internal sampling rate with 64 / 32 / 16 audio channels 48 kHz / 96 kHz / 192 kHz
    A/D conversion SNR 118 dB (A) typ., 112 dB (A) min.
    D/A conversion SNR 113 dB (A) typ., 106 dB (A) min.
    Input level Mic Input -50 dBu ... +4 dBu (without PAD)
    Input level with 0 dBFS -30 dBu ... +24 dBu (with PAD)
    Output level Line (@ 0 dBFS digital) +24 dBu
    Output level Direct Out(@ 0 dBFS digital) +24 dBu
    Phantom Power +48 V
    Max. transmission length via Fiber optic cable 2,000 meters


    No responsibilty for the correctness of the technical data and specifications of the DABS as listed above is taken by Digonomics GmbH or KLOTZ A.I.S. GmbH. Any binding product specification will only be given by KLOTZ A.I.S. GmbH as the sole manufacturer and distributor of the Digital Audio Backbone System DABS.