Graphite One On-Air Radio Consoles

Graphite ONE 12 fader split console with monitor control section at the right
(picture by courtesy of Broadcast Partners)


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Graphite One On-Air consoles are equipped with 21 inputs (including 4 additional AES inputs on an optional plug-in card), 4 main buses and 9 outputs.

The consoles can be controlled by either 6 or 12 fader positions – each fitted with A/B channel switch -, and offer a sophisticated monitoring and talk-back unit.

To fulfill our customers “ready-to-use” expectations, Graphite One consoles come with an integrated Mix-Minus matrix, parametric three-band equalizers and Dynamics which include Limiters, Compressors and Expanders in all microphone and telephone inputs.

Each fader strip can be configured with control functions for either internal functions such as automatic channel activation or for external devices via the integrated 24 GPIs/GPOs. Up to 7 Presets can be stored and recalled and 4 free configurable Functions keys allow for easy control of frequently used operations.

Graphite One consoles are ready to use as soon as you have connected power, sources and outputs. No time-consuming system set-ups are necessary before you can use your Graphite One console – hence you still can program lots of your own settings if you wish.

You will experience that Graphite One is much more than just a useful and cost-efficient console for small and even mid-size radio stations: Due to its most recent electronic design combined with any feature a modern radio stations console needs today owners of Graphite One consoles will enjoy a future proof hence reliable and easy to operate and to maintain professional On-Air console.


GRAPHITE ONE 12 fader console with central monitor section


Graphite One consoles offer a range of features that can be configured via the Graphite One configuration tool. Users can define pre-sets for audio settings, function keys for GPIO and other control features, external sources for control room and studio monitoring, and snapshot keys to store the entire console set-ups.


Graphite ONE control surface

1 Output buses REC, UTL, PRG   11 Function keys
2 A/B buttons for source switching   12 CUE speaker
3 Input channel select   13 Snapshot keys
4 Labels for channel names   14 External Source select for control room monitor
5 CUE bus   15 External Source select for studio monitor
6 On-Off buttons   16 Control Room monitor controls
7 Stereo level meter   17 Studio monitor controls
8 GAIN, PAN, 48V, Roll-Off filter indicator   18 Talkback controls
9 Reporter Input   19 Headphone
10 DSP Preset keys      


Graphite One channels and buses



Outputs and Buses

4 Microphone inputs   4 Output buses (CUE/PFL, PGM, UTL, REC)
4 Digital stereo inputs   2 Telephone outputs
4 Optional AES digital stereo inputs   1 CUE/SPEAKER output
5 Line Level stereo inputs   1 Monitor output
2 Telephone mono inputs   1 CONTROL ROOM/HEADPHONE output
1 Recorder input      
1 Unbalanced stereo input      

Control interfaces

16 GP inputs      
16 GP Outputs      
1 RS-232 for set-up      


Dimensions of the Graphite ONE


Dimensions Base Unite 470 x 514 x 70-161 mm (L x W x D)
Dimensions Extension Unit 470 x 294 x 70-161 mm (L x W x D)
Left and Right side brackets 470 x 30 mm (L x W)


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