Graphite Two Production and On-Air Consoles


Graphite Two 12 fader console with monitor section

Top features:

  • Fully networking console
  • Integrated audio interface unit in the console frame
  • Modular design - Available from 8 to 32 faders – up to 640 input and 640 output channels
  • Comfortable user interface - Easy to configure
  • Comfortable graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Hot-swap of cards without system shut down
  • Audio control surface available from 4 to 32 faders
  • Fully assignable fader channels
  • All channels fitted with OLED are easily labeled and renamed


Graphite Two consoles are extremely versatile as they can be configured either as stand-alone or as networking consoles. The fully modular design allows configuring mixing consoles from 8 to 32 faders - up to 640 input and 640 output channels. Many features can be programmed individually by the customer such as monitor feeds, GPIs and GPOs, sources and busses and logic commands. The control surfaces are connected by either IPX/SPX or TPC/IP protocol to the G2 audio engines and routers and can share all sources and outputs within the audio network. Using the IPX/SPX protocol interface, Graphite Two consoles are an ideal option to upgrade existing VADIS* system installations as they are fiully VADIS* compatible.

Graphite Two 8 fader console

A unique feature is the option to install a break-in / break-out unit within the console frame. The interface unit is fitted with 8 audio input channels which can be configured either as stereo or mono inputs and outputs. The interface unit uses a Dante protocol-based Ethernet connection to the main frame which can be located in the main control room (MCR).
The architecture saves rack-space within the studio and prevents the operating zone from being heated up.

Sophisticated control software gives easy access to all necessary control functions.
GRAPHITE consoles offer a range of features that can be configured via the GRAPHITE configuration tool. Users can define presets for audio settings, function keys for GPIO and other control features, external sources for control room and studio monitoring, and snapshot keys to store the entire console set-ups.

Functions Dimensions




Graphite Two fader and monitor control surface

1 DSP indicator for DYN and EQ   1 Multifunctional rotary encoders
2 BUS selector and indicator   2 Indication LED
3 A/B input selector   3 OLED display
4 Channel select button   4 Menu page functions keys
5 Channel OLED display   5 DSP master select
6 Clip indication LED   6 Programmable function keys
7 Fader   7 Routing select buttons
8 CUE and Talk Back   8 Monitor output select button
9 ON - OFF buttons   9 Monitor output volume control
      10 Monitor function keys
      10A Programmable monitor function keys
      10B Mix Minus bus select buttons


Dimensions of Graphite Two modules



Console frame Width Depth Mounting depth Cutout dimensions
for 2 modules: 450 mm / 17.72” 505 mm / 19.89” 96 mm / 3.78”

W: 396 mm / 15.59"
D:465 mm / 18.31"

for 3 modules: 645 mm / 25.39” 505 mm / 19.89” 96 mm / 3.78” W: 591 mm / 23.27"
D:465 mm / 18.31"
Audio engine 19" / 4 RU rackmount  


* VADIS is a trademark of Qphonics AG and is registered in Germany

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