graphite two

configurable broadcast console

Graphite Two is a fully configurable production and on-air broadcast console. It can be configured either as stand-alone or networking console. Graphite Two consoles are using the G2 Audio Engine and they are fully VADIS compatible.

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graphite one

cost-efficient on-air/radio console

The Graphite One on-air console offers most recent electronic design combined with any feature a modern radio station console needs today. Graphite One consoles are ready-to-use as soon as power, sources and outputs are connected.

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universal tactile touchscreen controller

Touchstone controller fitted with the TouchnTactile technology offer a unique operation method which brings back transparency and ergonomic control over all important data and signal processing to operators and talents.

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g2 audio engine and router system

variable - engine, network, interfaces

The G2 audio engine and router frame hosts all DSP and interface cards (soon also for AoIP) for easy audio networking. The G2 can be controlled by either Graphite Two, Integra or Touchstone, also in combination with VADIS based installations.

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dc 3

broadcast and production console – smart radio ready!

First radio console to combine traditional radio production with visual content, social media and internet content, and control of third party equipment in one single unit.

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graphite mr2

two consoles, one network, half the price

Graphite mr2 is a new modular, highly scalable design concept for multi-room broadcast facilities. Graphite mr2 systems simplify broadcast by combining 2 studios, typically on-air and production on a single processing engine.

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conference systems

wired and wireless conference systems

Klotz digital conference systems are the optimum solution for government summits, conference rooms, conference centers, press centers, court rooms and all other conference or discussion applications.

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broadcast productivity suite

the largest suite of apps for radio

Broadcast Productivity Suite is a suite of apps to be used in any combination to simplify operational requirements of today’s broadcasters. It controls the workflow between on-air studios, news and productsion studios, and the MCR.

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