First TouchStone controller

  • Fully configurable console surface layout
  • Real tactile controls for safe and easy operation
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Fully configurable tactile Multi-Touchscreen controller for flexible control and feedback.

The TouchStone controller is a fully configurable universal controller. The surface layout supports flexible and tactile control for safe and easy operation. 

TouchStone consoles fitted with the unique Touch’n’ Tactile technology offer the most advanced operation methods and bring back transparency and ergonomic control over all the important data and signal processing to operators. The unmatched combination of touch sensitive LCD monitors with integrated tactile actuators allow for new graphic surface designs as all the tactile elements are surrounded by active displays - nothing hides the important parts of the LCD monitors.

TouchStone controllers are equipped with all common interfaces to allow control of audio processing, software and hardware utilities like radio mixers, DAWs or audio/video routers from the same device. With TouchStone controllers program associated data such as videos, pictures and text can now be managed from the same controller to control signal processing, signal routing devices or other applications.

TouchStone controllers are fitted with low power consuming processors running on embedded operating systems depending on customer preferences. They are equipped with USB, Ethernet and RS 232 interfaces for communication with external networks and for technical control of radio shows from the same device. Profanity delays, telephone hybrids and outside broadcast codecs can be controlled and monitored from TouchStone controllers as well as audio distribution and routing.
The TouchStone configuration software offers comfortable tools to make individual programming of the console surface easy. The layout can also be adapted via HTML/CSS programming to customer needs.

Widgets to control i.e. faders, push-buttons, rotary knobs, and many other devices are included and can be positioned at any location of the screen. These widgets can also be modified with your own individual graphics and can be located at any position on either the bottom or upper LCD monitor. The widgets can be configured to control any device connected to the control network such as routers, DSP engines and other third-party equipment.

In combination with the router control software of Klotz communications, TouchStone controllers can be configured to control highly complex routers and console networks. The command language of DigX-Pro protocol is compatible with the VADIS control language of  Klotz DSP and router engines, which allows you to connect TouchStone controllers to any VADIS equipment.

Due to its versatility TouchStone controllers are the Leatherman® for today’s radio broadcasters and come equipped with the tools and functionality modern day broadcasters demand. TouchStone controllers seamlessly integrate into the workflow of a radio station and fulfill the most stringent requirements in main control rooms, edit suites, and on-air studios.


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