The future of programming and content creation in radio stations provides a challenging and demanding environment for program and content creators. Faced with competition from online subscription services and new media platforms it is the program director and owner's responsibility to find new ways of creating programs that are entertaining, engaging, and authentic.


At the same time, Radio is in the best position to capitalize on the changing landscape as it can produce content quickly and cost efficiently compared to other platforms. Radio is also able to use region-specific content and can provide targeted content for its listeners. In reality, Radio can be much more than a play-out medium for an advertising schedule.





Many radio stations have realized this opportunity and have started to combine information from multiple platforms including live events, social media, traditional media, internet, and news to create content that is visual, targeted, and interactive.


Those that were willing to change and adapt their station to harness new opportunities have created a new radio format – it's called Smart Radio.


Program Directors and creative teams want to react to this trend and produce smart radio content but find themselves caught by inflexible infrastructure that can't keep up.





Imagine a radio station where you can combine new teams immediately and spontaneously to cater for the specific requirements of a new event. Rather than being limited by resources and equipment, you can now optimize the output and control the end result.


Imagine that you want to launch a new program format and your infrastructure lets you play with the workflow until you get it right, until the format is at its best and the owners are getting their highest return on investment.


To make this possible for producers and creatives, Klotz Communications has developed a range of special control devices that are ergonomically advanced to give the talent the creative environment they need to navigate through the inflow of information and create a program to guide and surprise the listeners.