Precision Marketing in push media

APO gives Vision to Advertisers

Advertisers are left alone when trying to reach consumers outside their online bubble – they never know if they are on the right path until it’s too late to turn around.

APO is a tool specifically designed to allow push media advertisers and content producers to take action based on emotional attitudes of audiences.

For the first time ever advertisers can now allocate the best matching environment for their campaigns before going on air.

APO gives producers a tool to sharpen the emotional impressions they leave with their audiences – even while they’re on air.

Maximizing return on push media ads

Fed up wasting money on advertising?

Most advertisers assume that around 50% of their spend in push media ad campaigns misses the intended target groups.

APO analyses audience reactions, and based on these results advertisers can optimize their spend, reaching target audiences with greater accuracy, reducing waste coverage significantly.

Improved targeting through analysis of emotional traits

APO analyzes the emotional state of audiences

Based on proven AI analytics APO uses persona traits of stations, shows and presenters to allow better matching of content to audience reactions.

Reaching consumers outside of their online bubble now becomes much more efficient and makes broadcast media an even more competitive channel.

All information at a glance

Complex results are expressed in familiar terms

Our psychometric-based tools convert sentiment analysis and digital body language into readily comprehensible parameters.

Ideal buyer personas amended by targeted traits

Selecting media channels by personas

APO allows advertisers to determine specific buyer and brand persona traits for the customer groups they want to reach.

APO converts these to a spectrum of persona trait attributes which broadcasters are familiar with, in order to minimize waste coverage.

Never before have advertisers had the opportunity to select the most suitable stations before going on air.

Significantly improve campaign success

Establish more relevant reach through precise targeting

APO shows the net reach of all stations in a specific region taking into account the wastage as a result of nonmatching audience groups.

Effective cpm calculation for each campaign allows optimum selection of placement.

Audience reactions in real time at a glance

Audience trust is the most valuable asset for media houses

With APO producers receive at-a-glance information about the sentiments and emotional states of their audiences in real time.

APO collates the results in an easy to understand graphical format allowing adjustment and sharpening of content based on audience feedback, even whilst being on air.

APO means win-win-win

Precise matching of personas and most effective audience engagement

Advertisers can now determine the ideal placement of commercials, station by station.

Media house may optimize their content based on real-time audience feedback.

Audiences can enjoy messages meeting their demands and needs.

Cooperation is our goal

Run a trial with us!

As APO is completely new on the market, we are seeking initial contact with agencies and advertisers.

Together with your own staff, our team would develop an implementation and evaluation plan, which would be undertaken at no cost for the first clients from English-speaking countries.

Do you see a benefit to your business in learning more about APO?

Do you believe APO’s real time audience analysis may be beneficial to your bottom line?

Well, then let’s get together and run a trial!

You won’t regret it – APO is truly game changing.

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